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Wild Rose Pass

Fire collides with ice when a society belle confronts a Comanche-raised frontiersman!

Cadence McShane, free-spirited nonconformist, yearns to escape the rigid code, clothes, and side saddles of 1880s military society in Fort Davis, Texas.

She finds the daring, new lieutenant exhilarating, but as the daughter of the commanding officer, she is expected to keep with family tradition and marry

West Point graduate James West.
Orphaned, Comanche-raised, and always the outsider looking in, Ben Williams yearns to belong. Cadence embodies everything he craves, but as a battle-field commissioned officer with the Buffalo Soldiers

instead of a West Point graduate,

he is neither accepted into military society

nor considered marriageable.
Can two people of different worlds, drawn together by conflicting needs flout society and forge a life together on the frontier?


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The Keys: Voice of the Turtle

Sail through time as you discover buried treasure & the ghosts that haunt the seas!

Hours after arriving in the Florida Keys,

Ruth discovers a washed-up body and

not one, but two apparitions—

Maita, the angry victim’s spirit,

and Bart, a swashbuckling ghost.
Ruth uses her gift of psychometry

to help  them move on.  
Keya, an animal whisperer, is in a probate battle over her turtle-nesting beach.

She wants it preserved for endangered turtles, but land-hungry relatives

want it bulldozed and developed.  
Finding buried treasure and love,

Keya moves forward,

but can she save the beach?
Can Ruth find Maita’s murderer or

help Bart solve his 400-year-old mystery?
Join their adventures as they

mingle with ghosts and talk with turtles.


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Christmas in Catalonia

A simple trek through Spain becomes a life-changing journey through fear and hope. 

A daddy's girl born on Father's Day,

Gwen Alton lost faith in men when her father emotionally abandoned her. Despite her impending marriage, she has doubts.  
A spiritual orphan with trust issues,

she lets no one crack her shell of self-reliance. When the photojournalist sets out on her pipe dream of walking the Camino de Santiago through Spain, she has no real faith in the divine or supernatural.

But along the Way,

her deceased father haunts her

and she meets a mysterious man with

violet-blue eyes who bewilders her.  
Can she resolve issues with her father-figure fiancé? Will she choose the familiar, well-worn path of emotional rejection or blaze a new and exciting trail? Through a series of divine signs along the Way, Gwen takes the first steps on a life-long pilgrimage.


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Belize Navidad

Follow your star or follow the crowd?

Sheer Christmas magic, Belize Navidad is a fusion of Dickens' A Christmas Carol and O. Henry's Gift of the Magi. Set in Ambergris Caye during Christmas, Belize Navidad warms the heart as it chills the spine. Join Carole as she follows her star and finds romance.

After a two-year, long-distance relationship, she flies to Belize to either marry or move on.  
But moonlit beaches and starry nights on the Mexican Riviera don't compensate for the challenges. Corporate intrigue, a stalker,

and the paranormal keep Carole's Christmas suspenseful. Feliz Navidad! 

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