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Sacred Journey Series


Sacred Heart: Valentine, Texas

 Sacred Heart: Valentine, Texas, Book V  

The desert wind sings eerie music . . .

Is it whispering secrets in Angela's inner ear? Evidence of the past and whiffs of her future? Is it Kokopelli, the trickster god, playing his flute? Or is it just a coyote howling?

She listens for the messages.
Inexplicable clues take Angela across time, across Texas. Her quest begins as a dream—or is it a vision? She is lured to the mammoth fossils buried beneath prehistoric mud slides, brilliantly painted churches concealed under whitewash, ageless Native American pictographs obscured by graffiti, and the elusive ghost lights of Marfa. Throughout Angela's unexpected mission,

hints at each site propel her toward an unforeseen future.
Searching her heart and soul to discover what is calling her, Angela must discern her calling. And then there's the call of love. Will she walk down the aisle with her fiancé Kio, who is struggling along his own inner path, or should she risk their future to explore her attraction to Logan, the empathic art law student?

Are the winds of change

calling her in the right direction?

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Sacred Journey series!

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Holy Water: Rule of Capture

 Holy Water: Rule of Capture, Book IV 

Water and love are the sources of life...

but what happens when the wells run dry?

Embroiled in a local water-rights conspiracy, college student Tulah finds herself enthralled by a charismatic corporate lawyer on the other side. But the water source for her family’s Texas winery is in serious jeopardy.
Tulah is torn between her childhood sweetheart and the gorgeous go-getter on the fast track. Her choice of men will determine whether she will block the corporation’s underhanded scheme and protect the community’s groundwater during a drought. Should she thwart the plot and protect the aquifer to save her family’s business? Or should she grab her chance at “the good life”?
The corporation plans to buy their land, but because of a loophole, legally pump it dry, leaving her family, the community,

and wildlife to suffer the consequences.

How long can Tulah alienate her family,

turn her back on the love of her life,

and ignore her conscience?

On the other hand,

this could be her one chance...

In a choice between love and water,

WHO will she abandon?

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Lone Star Christmas: Holy Night, Book III    

Deep in Texas, Christmas brings hope,
but darkness threatens this joyful season.  

As December 25th nears, San Antonio prepares with twinkling lights, riverboat caroling, and frosty nights. The air is fragrant with Mexican hot chocolate and homemade tamales. But Maria, seven months pregnant,  abandoned, and losing hope,

encounters a darker force in the air.
Recently released from jail, her boyfriend Mal wants her back in his life,

but he doesn't travel alone. Latched onto him are a dark angel seeking revenge

and a demon destroying him with meth.

When she meets José

—considerate, spiritual, and protective—

he's a gift, the answer to her needs.

But is he the answer to her prayers?
Obsessed with Mal, can Maria escape his grip and fight off the evil forces at work?

Will this Christmas be

a celebration of life for Maria

   —or a deadly failure?

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Sacred Gift, Book II

Everyone is gifted,

but some never open their package...

Spirits are everywhere for those privileged to see. Angela Maria Brannon, the adopted baby from Sacred Choices, has a sacred gift.

Her connection with the Aztec goddess Tonantzin and  Our Lady of Guadalupe empowers her to see ghosts. At first, people think  her having 'imaginary friends' is cute, but at school she's branded  'different'

and learns to conceal her special skill.
On her  eighteenth birthday, Angela opens herself to communication with the afterlife. Using her sacred gift, Angela spurs those around her to recognize their potential by resolving deep-rooted pain. Traveling San  Antonio's River Walk and Mission Trail she encounters eerie apparitions and wraiths. Kissed by the divine and grazed by the ungodly, Angela is proof there's

"more in heaven and earth than is dreamt of."

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Sacred Choices, Book I 

 An inspirational love story centered on self-growth, Sacred Choices weaves together the lives of three resilient women. Ceren is a  newly-married and pregnant professor who learns her husband is a bigamist who urges abortion. Judith, Ceren's colleague—an older, more  worldly professor and pro-choice advocate—provides counsel based on her  experiences. Judith's sister Pastora, a nun, provides the voice of reason. Written for, by, and about women who have had or are considering  abortions, Sacred Choices is Ceren's journey—from her positive  pregnancy test, through her decision whether or not to have an  abortion—to an uncanny conclusion. Sacred Choices has an offbeat charm steeped in the supernatural. Set near Mexico City and  incorporating present-day Hispanic and ancient Aztec beliefs, culture, and cuisine, Sacred Choices deeply celebrates

the triumph of the spirit.

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 The Sacred Journey Series (5 book series)

 Books I-V — BEST BUY!

Inspirational stories, with an offbeat charm. Centered on inner journeys, love, and self-growth, they're steeped in the supernatural and celebrate the triumph of the spirit.

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